Ladies – Be Good In The Bedroom

pexels-photo-256626.jpegPlaying the dating game in my 40’s opened my eyes as to just how boring I was when it came to sex.

Men my age, who were single, were not looking to jump into marriage right away (the odd one was), but they were looking for chemistry. They wanted to make sure that an amazing sex life was in their future.

I was single, shy, feeling slightly overweight, and had experienced “making love”, but never the “slap my ass and pull my hair” sex. Exploring my sexuality was something I had not done. I knew I was “not good” yet.

So there I was, single and boring in bed. Oh jeesh how do I fix that problem? Google, google, google…google became my friend.

The first step in the getting “good” sexually was realizing that you need to love your body just the way it is. The person that is going to see you naked does not care if you have fat ankles.

Vulnerable, that is what comes with exploring your sexuality, getting use to having sex with the lights on. Oh no – totally exposed, in the flesh, but worse your face is exposed. You can now be seen, no hiding anything.

This was only the beginning, love being naked and totally exposed. Getting use to that covered the first hurdles.

Time to crank it up – no guy likes a dead f—-. So time to swing into action with all your new found techniques you have discovered on the internet. No matter what you are doing – do it like a pro!

So thinking all these instruction video made you into the next porn star, time to swing into action, but there are some things you didn’t read. Like the DATE SHAVE.

The date shave you ask – well shave it all, everywhere, become that Brazilian you always wanted to be.

Toss the grandma panties – right in the garbage and go buy yourself something a little sexy – sexy key word here! Learn to love those thongs, or go commando. Trust me a skirt and no panties – really hot!

Get use to things being in your mouth – a lot, guys like to stick it in there, from the vagina to the mouth – go with it. Or surprise them, turn from riding on top to a little tongue action – any man I used that move on found it incredibly sexy.

Probably the one thing that puts guys over the edge is when you are spontaneous. If they are divorced they probably spent the last few years of marriage begging for sex. So surprise them, let them come home to you dressed in slinky lingerie, or nothing but heels. Why not be waiting on the counter with nothing on – you will be for dinner.

Sex is not just for the bedroom. Use all of your rooms and furniture. Be adventurous!

The most valuable message from this blog is get used to being naked, and have fun with it. Be open to trying anything in the bedroom – always be good. Not dead!


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