Online Dating – It’s Really Not Fun

It is time to get off the couch and find your perfect match. According to the online dating advertisements it should take all of 15 minutes.

You find your perfect selfie (please do not let it be in a bathroom with a dirty mirror), answer the questions (age etc.) and a brief description of who you are, hit that magic button and you are now on display at the pick-me up store.

You start cruising through profile after profile, endlessly browsing pictures looking for your perfect match. You have a predefined image of exactly what you want;  a blonde haired blue eyed person, educated, not too skinny, not too fat, funny, and loves dogs. This should be as easy as ordering a coffee at the local drive thru.

Your online inbox starts lighting up faster than you can keep up – yes you are the new meat at the mall. You start looking at the profiles of you admirers and “are you kidding me” is now your new favourite phrase. You receive messages from people half your age, double your age, toothless wonders, ones with blurry profile pictures and ones with profile pictures that had to be taken in the 70’s.

Then – out of nowhere, the perfect match – the one, you are so sure about this one that you hide your profile. No need to search any further. You can feel the connection, they are perfect.

After days of endless texting with the new found love of your life, you are meeting them for drinks. You have a new spring in your step…. you know this is just the beginning.

Yes it was the beginning of the end, that person was not the vision you had in your head, not the right height, not the right voice and there was no connection. Trying to keep a conversation going was worse than a one sided conversation with a teenager.

You keep repeating this pattern over and over again. After each bad date you start to think there is no one on earth for you, and you are ready to give up.

You spend countless hours redoing your profile, hoping it will help attract quality people, only to realize most people don’t read your profile, it is all about the pictures.

Some things to keep in mind during your online dating journey are:

  • Stay true to yourself, never settle
  • There is always a next
  • Don’t give up
  • There will be a lot of disappointments

The stars will eventually align and the perfect one will come into your life!


1 thought on “Online Dating – It’s Really Not Fun

  1. Amazing blog. I read them all and have to say that I am grateful for a partner. Keep it going. MM


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