Should You Sleep With Him on The First Date?

If you are in your teens – no way! There are names for those girls, not to mention a bad reputation.

If you are a divorced, single, consenting adult – who cares?

Sex can have different meanings for different people, for some it is a sacred act, only to be done after marriage, and on the other end of the spectrum it is purely a sport with no emotions or attachments.

Before you decide whether you should sleep with someone on the first date, you need to do an emotional analysis of yourself. The question you need to ask yourself is “Can you have sex with someone and walk away like you had just played a round of golf”?

Sex does not make a guy like you.

Sitting across the table from you is the man of your dreams, you met 10 minutes ago and you’re thinking you have found Mr. Right, he’s got the look that melts you and you can feel the sexual chemistry building. Your dinner is over and guess what – he invites you back to his place for a night cap.

Excitedly you accept and shortly you are in his couch exploring each other. The chemistry is insane and well – the deed was done.

You feel this guy was totally into you, he had sex with you after all.

Then, you are ghosted, you never hear from Mr. Right again. The first day you assume he was just busy, the second day you send a text that never gets a response.

The harsh reality is, sex meant nothing to him, he had no emotional attachment to you, and the fact you had sex with him did not mean he liked you. Sex was for strictly pleasure, he scored and has moved on, whereas you on the other hand are left feeling used and abused.

Act like a hoe – Get treated like a hoe

We have all heard that phrase – and in the dating game it still holds true.

There is still the double standard when a girl sleeps with the guy on the first date she is a hoe, whereas the guy has another notch on his headboard.

After your perfect date, and steamy sex, you do hear from Mr. Right again, however you are now on his call list for booty calls. He never asks you on a date again, but always invites you over to his house, and of course it always end in sex.

You my friend are being treated like a hoe. If you are just looking to be a booty call, enjoy.

This is where you have to determine if you can continually have sex with someone and have no emotional attachment. You are not in a relationship, sex is not going to make him want to be in a relationship with you, and it is what it is – booty calls.

Will a relationship ever develop from this – time will tell, but in my opinion you better be prepared to get hurt.

I need to know he will meet my sexual needs

If sex is a huge part of a relationship to you, well you may think you better sleep with him to find out what is like in bed before you waste your time.

Yes, we have all been disappointed in the bedroom, and a future of shitty sex is not what we are looking for, so if good sex if top of your just haves, why wait?

You have found Mr. Right, he meets all of you other checklist items, so you have sex on the first date, this could go great or horribly wrong.

If the sex was not good enough for you, you could walk away from Mr. Right, before giving him another shot. He could have been nervous, not sure of likes and dislikes, he may have an emotional problem as he is not a player, and mostly he does not know what your limits are. Perhaps you like it rough and he was gentle because he thought that is the type of person you are.

If you dismiss Mr. Right based on sex once you could be missing out. How many times does sex get better as you get to know each other?

What if Mr. Right never calls again because you have just acted like a hoe. He could think you are easy – which may or may not be the case – but you could have just blown the chances of a relationship because he considers you sleazy and easy. Yes this is a double standard, but it still exists.

Sleeping with Mr. Right on the first date is risky. If he is Mr Right, he will call you the next day, you don’t need to sleep with him.

In conclusion, sleeping with someone on the first date is your own preference. Just make sure you are emotionally ready for the outcome if you never hear from him again.


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