I Want To Be Treated Like A Female

Female in a dressI am a female and I am proud of it.

I hate to say it, but I am getting tired of the feminist movements. I believe in equal pay for equal work, and yes females should be able chose the job they wish to perform. However, with the feminist movements, we as females better be prepared for the full on treatment of being a person, not a female.

I am not a man, I do not look like a man, I do not think like a man, I do not have the strength of a man. We are different.

Men are currently stating they no longer compliment females for fear of it being taken as sexual harassment, and ladies you can open your own doors and carry your own bags! Females asked for equality and men are giving it to them.

I am now on my way to a gender neutral person, which means I better hit the gym to carry my own TV to the car, and shovel my own driveway.

For me, I want the female treatment, I want chivalry, and I want the compliments. I want to feel the strength and warmth of being wrapped in a mans arms, not the bulge of my own muscles.

What happened to the days when being female meant we could put on a dress and smell nice and be pampered by a man?

I do believe that there is also a double standard, when we want to reap the benefits of being females – like getting out of speeding tickets, we use it to our advantage, but in the next breath we want to be treated as total equals.

I still like the garbage being carried to the curb for me, and I will do the laundry. I still like my snow being shovelled and I will clean the bathrooms.

It is a shame that the feminist voices have been louder than those support being female.


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