Ruining Your Relationship With Your Online Habits

A few innocent flirtatious texts, some snapchats, instant messages, what can they hurt? Who’s going to know right?

If you are having an online texting relationship, sexting, flirting, and you are in a relationship – it is an emotional affair. Convincing someone that this is not cheating could be a challenging task.

You have convinced yourself that you are pretty good at deleting messages and ensuring that messages don’t pop across your screen unsuspectingly, so how could you possibly get caught anyway?

Signs of online cheating

Well guess what, your habits are the first sign that you are up to something. It won’t take your partner long to figure out that something is not quite right. Your personality will change slightly – shorter temper, more distant, and less communication.

Your phone will be glued to you, you never leave it unattended, not even to go to the bathroom.

If your partner asks to use your phone you need to check it first, and panic sets in while they are on your device. “OMG, what if a message comes in?”.

You change your passwords, what once was a community device is now off limits to everyone but you. You need assurance that nobody can see your activity.

If you chose to communicate with apps likes messenger or whatsapp, you are constantly seen online. You went from an occasional user to living on social media. The worst is you think no one notices – trust me when your partner discovers this, they will start monitoring you.

You start spending more time away from others, a 10 minute trip to the grocery store becomes an hour long adventure, most of it spent in your vehicle messaging. You stay longer at work to have a conversation before you leave, and possibly the drive home is longer because you need to chat on the way home.

You have discovered new features in your phone, like the silent mode, or do not disturb. The last thing you want your partner to hear is the dinging of your incoming messages, and worse yet ask who it is.

It is your change in habits that give the clues away that you are up to something.

You will get caught

If you think that your partner who’s suspicions are now raised is going to do nothing, you are wrong. They will be watching you like a hawk, and they will find something. Nothing done online is ever private, it may take a while, but they will eventually find out.

Forgetting to delete one message, or checking messages while your partner can see your phone are just a couple of easy ways your partner will catch you in the act.

When you get caught

Once your online cheating is discovered, you will try to convince your partner it is nothing, completely harmless and that you did nothing wrong, oh and you will never do it again.

To your partner, you have punched them in the stomach, hit them over the head, and ripped their heart out – you have cheated.

You have destroyed a ton of trust in the relationship, and perhaps even beyond repair – was it worth it?


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