When You Cheat

You crossed the line for your own cheap thrills, attention, feel good moments, the mystery and newness of someone new, the thrill of the adventure, but did you ever think of what the betrayal has done to the person you crawl into bed with every night.

What happens when you get caught? I bet you never actually thought far enough ahead to realize you would. Your lies will catch up with you, eventually, the game you are playing will not last forever.

Once you are caught you can’t go back, your current relationship will never be the same, and a good chance it is over. Ask yourself is it worth it? Is risking everything you have spent time building up worth it? Your trust, your integrity, your reputation are now destroyed. Was it worth it?

As you are getting your cheap thrills, did you ever think about what that does to the one person who trusted you, believed in you and respected you?

Did it ever cross your mind that your dishonesty and cheating is reeking havoc on someone else’s life?

Your stories begin not adding up, your actions are different, your mood changes, and the way you treat your partner changes. It does not take someone who really knows you long to figure out that something is not right, it may take them a while to figure out what exactly is going on, but they will. Your lies and deception will start unravelling before your very eyes. The harder you try to hide, the more obvious it becomes.

As you realize your deception is closing in on you, your guard will be up, you will act defensive and deny anything is going and when questioned about your stories you will get angry – a sure sign you are lying.

As you were feeding your needs elsewhere did you ever wonder what you were doing to your partner?

When your partner realizes what you have done, you have destroyed them. The hurt, shame, humiliation and embarrassment you have caused them will destroy them.

Is it worth the hurt, anxiety and stress you have caused them. You will fully never understand what you have done to them. You have changed their life forever. You have affected their self esteem, their beliefs, and most importantly their ability to trust again.

Your cheap thrills will cause them to question everything about you, their life will become a lie and they will believe nothing you have said to them.

You have left the person you were once suppose to love grieving, the end of a relationship they once had, and the end of the trust they once had in you.

Your affair which was fun to you, had more of an impact on the life of the person you cheated on more than you will ever know.

Before you cross any lines you better be ready for the consequences of your actions and the most important question in the end – was it worth it?


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